About the Course

  • About the Diagnostics Course

    This course covers what every parent should know about diagnosis whether it is upcoming or past. It also covers three cognitive characteristics that help parents understand how their child brain works. They apply to all strategies.

  • Learn on Your Time!

    Take this course on your own time! Take in the information in short understandable session! Learn the specifics about diagnosis, theory of mind (social perspective), central coherence (getting the whole picture) and executive functioning (the CEO of the brain)!

  • Packages available!

    You can buy the course individually or save money with one of our bundle packages. All packages feature access to parent chat and the opportunity to meet individually with Dr. Diehl.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Just Getting Started: Diagnosis

    • Diagnosis and Learning Information

  • 2

    Ways of Thinking

    • Three Mental Characteristics Involved in Learning

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