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    Online learning center for parents of children with autism. Learn how to use the latest evidence based practices to provide a firm base for problem solving and collaboration with your child.

    Children can come up with unique challenges. We can help you find solutions for the current circumstances at home that are challenging you the most with your own professional on call. Talk to us by phone or have your own face to face consultation.

    We all do better when supported by a tribe! Parents are a wealth of information. Share your successes! Gather knowledge! Chances are another family has had a similar issue and may offer suggestions.

Knowledge really does count!

Our mission is to help you.

Parents can address their child’s communication, educational, and behavioral needs after learning the strategies taught in “Knowledge Counts." Children are never too young or too old.

This program teaches parents what research recommends and what informed professionals use.

Knowledge Counts (KC) for Children with Autism is an organization on a mission!
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My name is Dr. Sylvia Diehl. Think of me as your guide for learning.

I am your primary guide for your learning at Knowledge Counts Online.

My purpose is to enable parents to cope with everyday challenges that occur at home and school.

Knowledge Counts Online translates research into practice that makes sense for parents.

I'd like to personally invite you to join us today so that I may help make a difference in both your life, and the life of your loved ones.
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Our mission is to empower parents with knowledge of the evidence based practices that work for your children.

Research emphatically shows parent involvement in their child’s training results in better outcomes in communication, behavior, academic performance, and independence!

Parents are the only consistent decision makers and advocates for their children throughout their life. Despite this, parents of children with autism rarely have a place to get reliable information and training!

Knowledge Counts is dedicated to fulfilling this need. Armed with knowledge and ability, parents are an informed and active team member inspiring and collaborating with teachers and therapists.
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<h3>Our mission is to empower parents with knowledge of the evidence based practices that work for your children.</h3>

Your Instructional Guide

  • <h5>Dr. Sylvia Diehl<H5>

    Dr. Sylvia Diehl
    Dr. Diehl's education spans many fields of knowledge. Her master's degree is in speech language pathology. She has an Educational Specialist degree in Language, Learning Disabilities, and Reading. Her Ph.D. is in Education Curriculum and Design with her major focus in the area of autism.

    Dr. Diehl is retired from the University of South Florida where she taught courses in autism, augmentative and alternative communication, among many others. She has a long history of experience including public school settings, university settings, and clinical settings. She consults for school systems and conducts workshops locally, nationally, and internationally. She has authored numerous journal articles and book chapters along with continuing education courses for the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and Medbridge Education.

    When Dr. Diehl is not working , she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She and her husband love to travel, swim, and to play with their two dogs, Bruno and Samantha. Theirs is a family whose passion is education. Her husband is a retired teacher and her daughter is an assistant principal.